Ten Bars



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Ten Bars


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Castle De Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo

E-mail - info@berckt.nl
Telephone - +31 77 477 1385

There are 10 bars spread over the 2 castles. They are all at our disposal and we man them ourselves. There is no need to involve civilians in our private weekend. Let us know which bar your kennel wants to adopt. Your duties are to man the beer-taps and make sure your bar is much more fun than any of the others (and notify the Lord of the Castle when it is time to be re-supplied).

Trouble Café - The Hague

Knights in White Satin - Copenhagen Viking Wankers

Mishap Chapel - Brussels Manneke Pis

Ladies in Waiting - D.I.V.A.h.h.h.

Valley of Tears -

Hall of Despair -

Smaug's Layer -

Wandering Wobbles -

Devil's Cross -

Cave of Loneliness -