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Castle De Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo
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Telephone - +31 77 477 1385

This is an all inclusive event 

You can drink whatever the hell you want - as long as it is beer (pils), whine and soda (and water, spit ). It is all bought and paid for. Bars open on Thursday 1600 and close on Sunday 1600. But not all bars will be open all the time.

If you prefer special, fancy or expensive stuff, you'd better bring that yourself. This also goes for the numerous drinking games on the Friday. Beer, whine and soda are available. For anything else or more you visit the liquor store downtown.

In case you arrive on Wednesday already and/or stay till Monday


The registrars enabled you to arrange for a food and drink package for the extra day(s) you booked. If you did not arrange for that, you are not totally lost. You can get food at a restaurant on the river bank where the ferry lands, just a ten - fifteen minute walk. Or you go to the village of  Baarlo (20/25 minutes walk or so) where you find several restaurants and it has a supermarket where you can buy your own drinks and any other things you want to buy.


Thursday evening, after the Red Dress Run, the cocktail bar in the Chapel opens up. This is in the Old Castle. Opee and Nasty have been practicing their mixing skills. 

Friday evening, after the pub-crawl, our mix-masters take turns in mixing music and cocktails. Also in the Chapel.

Beer stops and circles

The Saturday runs are off-site. The buses that bring us will serve as beer-trucks. They will be loaded with beer and whine and water in big cooling boxes. That is how we do it. Three times Hurrah! for our beer-bitch Polly

Maybe a good idea to bring your own drinking vessel off-site since single use plastic cups are banned in Europe. Better safe than sorry.

The buses will be loaded with lunch as well.

We do not drink beer on the bus on our way back to Baarlo .....

There are 10 bars

They are all at our disposal and we man them ourselves. There is no need to involve civilians in our private weekend. 

Your BAR-oness is  Full Of Spunk and this is the bar rotation

Viking Bar
- Stockholm H3

Hash Shit Bra
- Wessex H3

Cuse's Juices
- Syracuse On-On-Dog-A H4 

Guernsey Baardoes
- Guernsey Harriettes

The Island of Misfit Sex Toys
- Misfits

- Schaffhausen H3

- Frankfurt & Sembach H3

The Mystery Bar
- Mystery !

Cardinal Puf
- Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3

The Armadillo Den
The Texas Giddyup Gang