Castle de Berckt
in Baarlo



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Castle De Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo
E-mail -
Telephone - +31 77 477 1385

The Legionnaires Hall is biggggg. This is where the parties will be held and food is eaten. It is in the New Castle.

The courtyard is a second main base of gathering. The Old Castle is built around it. If weather permits it is by far the best place to hang out.

The Old Castle

The Old Castle is a medieval fortified farmhouse with a courtyard, chapel, mansion, dungeons, dragons and everything else you can come up with. Most importantly, there are many many bars. The Lord of the Manor has used the Covid crisis to renovate it all. Eurohash 2011 was hosted here and it was brilliant. Rooms range from for 2 to 6 beds. All rooms have their own bathrooms. Best of all: no bunkbeds.

If weather permits the Courtyard is by far the best place to hang out.

The New Castle

Behind the Old Castle is the New Castle. It was only partially finished 10 years ago, but is fully operational now. There are meeting rooms where we can hang out and more importantly: bars.

Holiday Camp

It is just across the street, a ten minute walk. We secured 200 beds for us bunch. Belaw are some pictures.

Legionnaires Hall

The Legionnaires Hall is located in the New Castle and it is biggggg. It is where the parties are held and food is eaten.

We are going to man the Ten Bars ourselves. Your kennel can adopt a bar to make sure it is more fun than any of the others, keeping it open as long as you want. Contact Higgins about this.

How nice that we do not have to leave the premises to have a 10-bar pub crawl.

Excellent Food

The Castle will serve us Excellent Food and even better beer.


There are 500 beds in total. When we get near that number of registrations we are expanding the capacity to the holiday-camp across the street with another 200 beds.

Near Amsterdam?

Yes Yes The Netherlands is a small country. So, yes, everything is always near Amsterdam AND close to the German and Belgium borders. The nearest train station is Venlo. From there, it is a 17-minute bus ride and short walk.

How To Get There