Mother Theresa Memorial Bash 

Friday morning

09.00 Hidden Asset and friends organize a Bike Hash for Friday. Just for comfort, this part of the Netherlands is as flat as a pancake. They will also arrange for bicycles, no need to drag your own from te far end of the world. It is a private initiative and not included in the weekend fee. THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKED

Guided Tour through Baarlo

Friday morning

11:00 There was only room for 15 on this one and fully booked within a second

Friday 10-Bar Pub Crawl

Friday evening

20.01 PubCrawl - There are ten pubs to find, and you have to find them all. No excuses. Running allowed. Shades is in charge. Wear your Special Pub Crawl shirt.

Saturday Runs

We move our arses towards the South (and East) where the hills and forests are. There are runs for all shapes and sizes Read your 9 July e-mail.

Trail reservations dd 17-7-2023

Be on time - five minutes before departing time, we fill the seats with those who did not make a reservation.

More clear, you trail reservation is valid till five minutes before departing

departure times (these are departure times, not friendly suggestions)

09.00  #1 BallBreaker

09.30  #4 Ball Bender

10.00  #5 Three Countries

10.30  #3 Hazz Challenge

11.00  #2 German Shiggy Paradise

11.00  #6 Brass & Pants

11.30  #8 Old Farts Stroll

Buses depart from P2, that is where the registration was

What if someone failed to sign up for a run?

Then they can revert to the old way: show up at your preferred run and check for available seats. Five minutes before departing time, we start filling the empty seats. Don't worry, they will still have a choice somewhere between 7km and 25+km.

Boar Whore is our TrailMaster

Buses depart between 09:00 and 11:30, we let you know in time. 

09.00 hrs _______________________
#1  Ball Breaker (RUN 25+km). Only the strong survive, stragglers will be trampled.

11.00 hrs _______________________
#2  German Shiggy Paradise (RUN 15km). Discover Germany's finest shiggy, bring a change of clothes!.

10.30 hrs_______________________
#3 Haz Challenge (RUN 12km or WALK 7km). See how it's done by the #1 hash traveller.

09.30 hrs _______________________
#4 Ballbender (WALK 12km). A long one but gentle on your knees.

10.00 hrs _______________________
#5 Three Countries (RUN 9km or WALK 6km) A-to-B. One landmark, three countries, no passport required.

11.00 hrs _______________________ 
#6 BRAS & Pants (RUN/WALK 6km) + €7 for brewery. A walk in the park followed by a beer tasting. 

11.30 hrs _______________________
#8 Old Farts Stroll (PUBWALK 3 km) + cash. Undercover pub crawl in Venlo, bring cash.

#99 Never Ever Leave The Camp (0 km). For those too lazy, hangovered or not mobile enough to even do the pubwalk. You're on your own and can take a series of power naps while the estate is strangely quiet. Lead Hare = You deputy assistant hares = Yourself

Hannover Hangover Hash

Sunday morning

10.31 Hangover run - We take off right after breakfast. The run is on-site.      Parking P2

Hares - Hannover Hangover Crew
(they are from Hannover somewhere)