Thursday FILTH-y Red Dress Run

FILTH-Leiden H3 is off the rails. It is a new moon today, not full at all, but who cares. If you have never done a FILTH, we are going to ask you to howl at the moon just to prove you are worthy. And yes, you need to wear a Red Dress, obviously. Fair warning: the trail will likely bring you into contact with civilians.

We do this for charity your voluntary contributions are VERY appreciated

Runners have dinner at 18.00  You don't want to run on a full belly, 

As from 18.15 - Walkers con join dinner but please let the serious runners get their food first but don't linger, the official opening of the weekend is at 19.45.

Hares - Boar Whore & Tasty Piss (FILTH - Leiden)

BeerMeister - 

RA - 

The Mother Theresa Memorial Bash 

Hidden Asset and friends organize a Bike Hash for Friday. Just for comfort, this part of the Netherlands is as flat as a pancake. It is a private initiative and not included in the weekend fee. THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKED

Hares - Hidden Asset and friends

BeerMeister - 

RA - 

Friday 10-Bar Pub Crawl

There are ten pubs to find, and you have to find them all. No excuses. Running allowed. Shades is in charge. Wear your Rocky Horror Picture Show outfit

Hare - Shades 

BeerMeisters - 10-bars with crew

RA - 

Saturday Runs

We move our arses towards the South where the hills and forests are. The longer the run you want, the earlier you wake up and have your breakfast. Buses for the Ballbreaker leave at 09.00. If you miss your bus, you take a later one and you automatically do a shorter run. Beautiful system.

Along with the beer, there will be sandwiches and stuff. 

There will be a poll of some sorts to find out whom of you wants to do what trail.

Boar Whore is our TrailMaster


By the looks of it, there will be 7 or 8 trails


Buses leave at ....  for the ....

09.00 BallBreaker by "The Danes" 

09.30 Long Run

10.00 Medium Run

10.30 Short Run

11.30 Old Farts Stroll
and leftovers

Hares -

BeerMeisters - 

RA's - 

Hannover Hangover Hash

We take off right after breakfast. The run is on-site. We are back in time for lunch

Hares - Hannover Hangover Crew
(they are from Hannover somewhere)

BeerMeisters - Hannover Hangover Crew

RA's - Well, there is probably no time for an immediate circle because a warm lunch will be ready and we do not want to let that cool down. The main closing circle will be after lunch.