Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th
__August 2023_______________________________
Castle De Berckt - Baarlo, The Netherlands

Eurohash August 2023 will be in Baarlo, the Netherlands. 

Castle de Berckt
Neptunus again 

 from Thursday 17th  16:00 hrs
till Sunday 20th  16:00 hrs

This is an All-Inclusive Event Your money is no good until you are back into civilian life. Unless you join the Bike Hash on Friday, which has a separate registration. There is a Red Dress Run on Thursday evening. You are invited to donate to a good cause.

Some Hashy Contemplation

A famous philosopher once said that the hash should be as primitive and crappy as possible. 

Another, even more famous philosopher concluded that we should be happy to pay a bit more for better beer, better food and better beds. 

There we have it, we will follow the even more famous philosopher's approach. 


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Kasteel De Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo
E-mail -
Telephone - +31 77 477 1385

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