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Final Countdown  E-mail 20 July from Higgins Baron Von Higgstein

HHHello Room Captains and First Mates,

EuroHash 2023 will be upon us in just 4 weeks - 17 to 20 August - so here's the info you may want to read before your arrival in Baarlo. If you're a Room Captain please forward to your crew.

Note that our Registrar office is now closed hence no point in sending us a query. Either we have the info and it's on the website (snippets on FB) or we don't and it's probably not relevant.

This also means that the website and lists are now frozen as of 15 July. Additional information and updates might be posted on Facebook and mentioned on our website if deemed of interest.

Getting there 🏰

We have a whole page dedicated to this issue on our website.

A public bus stops less than 1km from Kasteel de Berckt. Walk from Venlo train station to the nearby bus station and catch bus 377 (direction Roermond) until stop De Berckt. Taxis are also available. 

Note that the new entrance to the castle is at the end of a private road along the golf course. Go to the end and veer right towards the large parking lot P2 (see estate map in attachment). Look inside and you'll find Registration, Check-in then have a beer or two.


This full program will tell you what's happening when and where. The event officially starts at 16:00 on Thursday but we'll have a soft opening at 14:00 for those arriving early.

Check-in 📋👕

Get your wristband for free beer and a goodie bag before picking up your pre-ordered polo shirt. Once registered, move next door to bar Gelag for free beer.

Hours of operation are Wednesday 16:00-20:00, Thursday 14:00-20:00 and we'll have something in place for stragglers arriving on Friday.

More check-in 📋🔑

Pick up your key and discover your roommates for the weekend. Note that there is a limited set of keys per room so we'll tell you if someone else beat you to it.

Hours of operation are similar to those of registration, with an extra option for latecomers (no need to notify us)

House Rules

Trails 👟🍺 

Saturday we'll have 7 trails spanning 3km to 25+km with many around the 6km and 10km mark. If you have reserved a seat 🚍 like 90% of participants check our trail reservations list. Buses will leave in stages from 9:30 to 11:30. Circles will be held on-site.

What if someone failed to sign up for a run? Then they can revert to the old way: show up early ⏰️ and check for available seats. 🤫 Don't worry, they will still have a choice somewhere between 7km and 25+km. 👟

Sunday the choice will be easier with one hangover trail for everyone, starting from the castle. Circle will be held at the castle as well.

Drinking 🍺🍷🍹

You'll have a choice of beer (pils), wine, softies and tap water plus cocktails on Thursday and Friday evening. Same offer on trails except you'll have to bring your own water, a limited allowance of 1 bottle (½ l) per person being provided (more on long trails).

Friendly suggestions for optimizing your drinking:

Last but not least we have a challenge for you: drink the castle dry by the end of the weekend! With 6,000 litres of beer plus other drinks it's probably out of reach but who knows...

That's it folks, see you in Baarlo next month. 😃

Higgins Baron von Higgstein


Latest Updates and other things you want to know about

      Warning for those who come by train from Belgium or via Rotterdam. Check How-To-Get-There

      Weather Forecast - You are thinking about packing, what weather to expect and such? This forecast gets more reliable as the dates get closer.

    Breaking News - Our Red Dress Run has made headlines in the local newspaper. Read it HERE, translation by Desert Queen.. Rumors are that we will be welcomed by a marching band.

Shoes, it is official, our very own Neptunus has arranged for EuroHashShoes. For sale at the haberdashery market on Friday and on other occasions.

     About Baarlo - Interesting stuff about the village from the local tourist information office HERE 

    Another activity added on the Friday  - a guided tour through Baarlo (fully booked).

    Towels for everyone, also in the holiday park.

WIFI ?  There is wifi at the venue and they claim it is actually working. Dunno about the holiday park.

E-mail from our event manager Higgins Baron von Higgstein with final instructions.

 Invite to all Harriets to attend the Harriet Hurdle on Friday, leave your boyfriend behind

Hareline and  Trail reservations  are done 

What if someone failed to sign up for a run?  Then they can revert to the old way: show up early  and check for available seats.  Don't worry, they will still have a choice somewhere between 7km and 25+km.   

Who Else Is Coming  yet another final update - July 15th  including meal and drink tickets in yellow 

Call for bids EuroHash2025 

Haberdashery  page added

Eurohash August 2023 will be in Baarlo
the Netherlands. 

Castle de Berckt
Neptunus again 

 from Thursday 17th  16:00 hrs
till Sunday 20th  16:00 hrs

This is an All-Inclusive Event. Your money is no good until you are back into civilian life.


Some Hashy Contemplation

A famous philosopher once said that the hash should be as primitive and crappy as possible. 

Another, even more famous philosopher concluded that we should be happy to pay a bit more for better beer, better food and better beds. 

There we have it, we will follow the even more famous philosopher's approach. 


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