Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

  • Neptunus: We would like to use this venue every year! It`s a great location! It was used for EuroHash 2011, Pre-Lube to Brussels Beer Odyssey 2014, and Neptunus Weekends in 2017 & 2019.

  • Nudenuts: Nobody else wanted to bid for EuroHash 2023! if you don`t like the venue, try bidding in 2025!

  • Neptunus: NO; We learned from EH2011 that Americans, Aussies and Kiwis hate trailer parks, so NO; no trailer parks involved!

  • Nudenuts: YES; We learned from EH2011 that Americans, Aussies and Kiwis hate trailer parks, so YES; the trailer park will be involved!

  • Neptunus: Things have changed in 10 years! All rooms have unique numbers now and there is a "directions to your room" system.

  • Nudenuts: Not my problem.

Any other news about the venue?

  • Neptunus: All rooms in the Old Castle were refurbished and the rooms have a unique number now! No more bunkbeds: 75 rooms for 2. There are a lot of antiques and paintings from famous painters in the corridors and halls.

  • Nudenuts: The place is getting too posh for hashers. This should be the last time.

So EuroHash 2023... won't be just a copy of EH2011?

  • Neptunus: We will copy the good parts and forget the bad parts.

  • Nudenuts: Of course it is, but we will never admit to it. Be prepared for new f*ckups!! After all, it`s the Hash.

Will Neptunus' granddaughter be selling free toilet paper again?

  • Neptunus: My granddaughter would never ever do such a thing.

  • Nudenuts: Of course she will. She learned from the best. If you fall for it, no refund.

What kind of beer are we getting?

  • Neptunus: We have an all-inclusive agreement with the Castle. This means they provide the beer! Lucky for us the beer tapped in the Castle is Gulpen. Plenty of wine and soft drinks are available and there will be Opee`s Cocktail Bar! Whiskey, champagne, etc. is (of course) not included!!

  • Nudenuts: Unfortunately the Castle serves no Heineken, the best beer in the world!

Is it true that Germans have no sense of humor?

  • Neptunus: Germans are the nicest humorist people in the world. That song is completely not true whatsoever.

  • Nudenuts: It is an acquired taste to say the least. If there wasn't a song, we should make one.

What should we do in an emergency?

  • Neptunus: Dial 112! The Castle has its own ambulance. AED`s all over the place. First aid: we will think about that.

  • Nudenuts: Stay calm and have a beer.

Is this weekend kid-friendly?

  • Neptunus: We encourage parents to bring their Hash Horrors. They are our future Hashers! So special rates for kids! Maybe even a certified nanny will be present.

  • Nudenuts: I hate kids!

  • Neptunus: Don`t you worry! Experience has taught us that the kids will disappear all weekend! There is a huge attic where kids have plenty to keep them busy: TV, PlayStation, etc. They will be in their own world.

  • Nudenuts: No kids at the party!

How difficult is it to find the venue? Can the Castle be reached easily?

  • Neptunus: There are airports nearby: Aachen, Dusseldorf, Weeze and Eindhoven. And for Hashers from far, far away even Amsterdam-Schiphol is fairly close. There is direct train service from Schiphol and Eindhoven to Venlo. From Venlo, you take the bus in front of station. The bus stop is only 400 meters away from the venue. There is free parking available if you come by car.

  • Nudenuts: It`s sooo easy: I have been there several times

  • Nudenuts' Evil Step-Brother: R.T.F.M.

  • Neptunus: Because I like organizing. Especially for Hashers!

  • Nudenuts: If Neptunus screws up in civilian life, he is sent to jail. At the Hash, he gets rewarded.

  • Nudenuts' Evil Step-Brother: It is called a NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Treatment is possible, but success rates are below 43%.

        • Neptunus: I don`t think so. This time it will be perfect!

  • Nudenuts: Of course, why do you think he f*cks up so much?

        • Neptunus: was used for EuroHash 2019 and 2021 and probably for a lot of other Hash events. Wise has a possibility to pay to an IBAN number.

  • Nudenuts: PayPal scr*wed us in the past by freezing our account.

  • Nudenuts' Evil Step-Brother: Take it or leave it.